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Gift Card & Loyalty Card Programs

Introducing The Most Dynamic Gift & Loyalty Program available for the Golf Industry.

Whether you are a single location, have more than one location or are a large chain, gift and loyalty card programs are a simple and affordable way to keep your customers coming back. Now with marketing capabilities built in, getting a loyalty program like this is a no-brainer! Our program will work with any system you have in place, and the cards are personalized with your logo and design.

Already have a Gift or Loyalty Card Program? No problem!

Our program is designed so that you can still use your old gift cards and seamlessly import all balances and transaction data quickly and easily. Once imported, information appears on your system as if it was there from day one!

Gift Card Programs:

  • Dramatically increase revenues with a new dynamic Gift Card program
  • Never give cash back after purchases - Unlike gift certificates, if a customer doesn't use the entire amount, the balance remains on their gift card, and unused value provides "breakage" (additional income) for your business. Customers must use the remaining value at your store, course, or club!
  • Ticket Lift - Customers that have a gift card are likely to spend more than the allotted amount on the card. That means increased value for each customer!
  • Free Advertisin g- Having a gift card with your logo on it means each customer carrying one is like a walking billboard!
  • Safe - Help prevent any counterfeiting, fraud, or theft using plastic gift cards instead of pieces of paper.

Loyalty Card Programs:

  • Improve your company's image - Having a personalized loyalty card is much more professional than having a punch card.
  • Capture your Customer's Profile - Track what your customers are buying and reach out with marketing efforts by using the profile they must create when getting a loyalty card.
  • Increase your average purchase - Customers with a loyalty card tend to purchase more.
  • Drive more sales - Motivate loyal customers to purchase more at your business.

Marketing & Additional Features:

  • Send messages to customers via SMS or e-mail - Advanced mobile marketing tools allows for segmenting of customers based on value to the merchant and increase customer loyalty.
  • Check gift card balances from Point-of-Sale or Online Merchant Portal - Cardholders may also check their own gift card and loyalty card balances online.
  • Auto Rewards/Points to Cash - Reward triggers automatically add values to a card when thresholds are crossed (e.x., 100 points = $10) by your most loyal customers.
  • Customer Demographics - Add Customer data to a gift card at point of sale or via the web. Store standard customer data like name, email and mobile phone plus up to 10 custom fields!

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