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Merchant Cash Advances

merchant-cash-advanceReceive a cash advance for estimated future credit card sales.

A merchant cash advance is typically used for business purposes such as purchasing inventory, upgrading equipment, renovations, advertising or just meeting a cash flow short fall. This service is also ideal for seasonal golf facilities to cover the cost of initial inventory to begin the season. 

The amount of the business cash advance proceeds are usually based on the volume of credit card processing the business produces on a monthly basis, and can average from 100% to 150% of a month's volume. For example, a business with $50,000 per month in credit card processing that needs a cash advance, would qualify for $50,000 or more with the full advance to be repaid over 6 to 12 months. Repayments are deducted from credit card sales at a rate of about 10%-20% per month until paid in full. A Merchant cash advance is not a loan, but more like a form of receivable factoring.

GolfTranz has created partnerships with many of the major merchant cash advance companies. As a result of our affiliations, we have negotiated very favorable business cash advance rates for our clients, rates that are not usually available through generic merchant service providers. 

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